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outdoor fire pit on back patio

Hearth Services

Bay Stoves has extensive experience in all aspects in hearth services including purchasing, installing, and maintaining your stove or fireplace. We also offer:

  • Chimney Cleanings
  • Chimney Inspections
  • Resources for parts to fix outdated units
  • Site Evaluations are available, prior to purchase, to measure and explain what will work best for you
  • Referrals for licensed plumbers, builders

Wood/Pellet Chimney Cleanings and Checkup: $205.00.
Gas Unit Cleaning and Checkup: $190.00

custom hearth installation in cozy living room

Custom Hearth Installations

Want to bring your ideas to life? Let Bay Stoves do the hard work for you. Our in house technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with working in new construction as well as in existing structures. Here are some examples of our custom hearth installations.

See our Custom Installion Gallery

tool set for cleaning fireplaces

Tool Sets and Gaskets

Owning a fireplace can be a rich and rewarding experience. But as all fireplace enthusiasts can attest, it’s important to keep it maintained. Ash and smoke, left uncleaned, can lead to long-term damage to your chimney. Fortunately, Bay Stoves sells functional tool sets and gaskets for your hearth. From complete sets of pokers, brooms, shovels, and clamps to gasket replacement kits, Bay Stove has you covered.

Chimney Cleaning Services

Annually smoke, water and other particles start to clog the inside of your chimney walls. This block up can lead to fires and fuel blockages. Stay on the safe side by taking advantage of Bay Stoves NFI hearth and chimney cleaning services. Schedule with us today!

Installing fireplaces, stoves and their venting requires the expertise of a specialist. Established in 2002, The National Fireplace Institute is the only certification agency that tests the knowledge of installers in the hearth industry. Installers must pass an examination covering fundamentals of proper installation and venting to receive NFI Specialist Certification in Pellet, Wood burning or Gas.

Let Bay Stoves’ NFI Certified technicians do your annual cleaning and checkup now so you don’t have to worry about it when the first cold snap of fall hits!

We Provide Crucial Servicing to Your Gas Fireplace

It is vital that you service your gas appliance once per year to prevent fire hazards and unsafe operating conditions. From April to May, we offer $50 off the regular price ($255), so be sure to check back in with us in April. Servicing includes:

  • Taking out the logs and vacuuming
  • Cleaning gaps and wedges
  • Replacing wood burning embers
  • Replacing the batteries
  • Cleaning the glass
Providing High-Quality Hearth Products Since 1985