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Bay Stoves Specializes in Electric Fireplace Insert Installation

If you’ve invested in an electric fireplace for your home, you’re in glad company. Many of our customers at Bay Stoves prefer the convenience an electric fireplace has to offer. Likewise, many of our customers have also decided an investment in an electric fireplace insert is also worth its weight in gold. An electric fireplace insert plugs into a cabinet or frame and mimics the feel and appearance of flaming logs without the hassle of gathering firewood. You’ll spend less money and hours laboring over your fireplace when you browse our electric fireplace inserts for sale in our Edgewater, MD store. Please contact us today to learn more about what to expect regarding electric fireplace insert installation or costs!

What Is An Electric Fireplace Insert, and Why Do I Need One?

Similar to a wood fireplace insert, an electric fireplace insert is a sort of like having a fireplace inside your fireplace. There are three basic types of electric fireplace inserts: plug-in fireboxes, built-in fireboxes, and electric log inserts. Many homeowners prefer electric log inserts because they produce the most realistic alternative to a flaming fire without all the mess. They’re also among the cheapest upgrade options if you’re trying to breathe new life into an old fireplace that’s seen better days. If your fireplace already has a cabinet mantel or entertainment center installed, your best bet may be a plug-in firebox with a glass exterior, so you can enjoy easier viewing. Another option for your consideration is a built-in firebox, which can be hardwired directly into your home’s electrical grid or outlet. All three basic types plug into standard outlets, but if you can afford a built-in firebox, it offers the most permanent solution.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Electric Fireplace Inserts?

If you’re on the fence about the necessity of an electric fireplace insert, consider these benefits:

  • Increased Energy-Efficiency – If you’re always on the lookout for the most cost-effective way to heat your home, you owe it to yourself to consider an electric fireplace insert. Installing one can help you reduce your electric bills while keeping your rooms warm and cozy. An electric fireplace requires less electricity on average when compared to portable space heaters.
  • Safer for Children & Pets – Installing an electric fireplace insert eliminates the danger of smoke and flames, making it a safer option if you have small children or pets present in the home. Plugging into an outlet, they’re easy to turn on and off and offer a realistic appearance without harmful emissions.
  • Low Installation Cost – Installing a fireplace can be costly. Electric fireplaces with electric fireplace inserts are usually cheaper and easier to install than wood or gas fireplaces. No wonder so many Maryland homeowners are making the switch!
  • Easy to Maintain – One of the biggest drawbacks of fireplace ownership is the upkeep. Most homeowners don’t want the hassle of gathering firewood and sweeping up the ashes and soot. With an electric fireplace insert, you can still enjoy the look and feel of a fire without the fuss.

Energy-Efficient Electric Fireplace Inserts for Sale

Bay Stoves offers several electric fireplace inserts for sale, ranging in size from small to large electric fireplace inserts depending on your needs. Whether you need an electric insert for an existing fireplace or you’re installing a brand-new fireplace with an insert, you can count on our team’s expertise. As a leading hearth products provider in Maryland since 1985, we boast an impressive inventory and an equally impressive staff ready to assist. Dedicated to providing the most energy-efficient electric fireplace inserts money can buy, we include Osburn electric fireplace inserts at the top of our list of professional recommendations.


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Visit One of Maryland’s Largest Electric Fireplace Insert Stores

Serving residents of Edgewater, Annapolis, Bowie, and many surrounding areas, Bay Stoves is proud to be among Maryland’s largest electric fireplace insert stores. We also carry wood, gas, and electric fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, freestanding electric stoves, and more. Please call or visit to explore your options. You won’t find a better selection or more affordable electric fireplace insert prices anywhere!