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What Are Gas Fireplace Inserts?

Bay Stoves has been proudly serving Edgewater, MD homes for over 30 years. Our selection of reliable, affordable, and beautiful gas fireplace inserts are sure to meet your needs and match your home’s motif. We only work with trusted name-brand suppliers to provide the very best for our customers. Gas fireplace inserts are a great way to make use of your open masonry fireplace with exceptional efficiency and style. We’ll go over the positives of gas fireplace inserts and help you find a model that fits your needs, size, and budget. Contact us today or visit our Edgewater location to learn more!

fireplace logs Charred Rugged Split Oak

Self-Contained Combustion

Gas fireplace inserts are factory-constructed appliances that function as self-contained fireplace in a secured structure. The close combustion system generates high heat and maintains this heat to flow through your room and home rather than up out the chimney. They are insulated and safe to place in your framed walls. This allows people to enjoy a safe and reliable fireplace experience without having to deal with all the maintenance and possible dangers of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. They have a high heat rating. Traditional masonry fireplaces achieve, on average, a heat-efficiency rating of about 20%. Our gas fireplace inserts net you an impressive average of 85%. This allows you to enjoy a warmer home without burning as much fuel. This then helps you save on costly energy bills in the winter.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Our fireplace inserts are designed with ease-of-use in mind. They are easy to install and maintain for years to come. When you purchase a fireplace insert from us, we will schedule your quick and easy installation process. Our CSIA- and CCP-certified technicians can run a gas line to wherever you’d like your new fireplace. We then attach a heat-rated vent pipe, and you’re free to enjoy your new fireplace! Installation is fast and requires minimal modifications to enjoy.

Maintenance is simple. They require very little cleaning. You also don’t have to worry about sweeping around your fireplace or scooping up ashes out of the firebox every time you turn on your fireplace. We do recommend an annual safety check from a certified chimney sweep or similar service. This is normal for all fireplaces and is vital to making sure your fireplace insert runs smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Not only does a well-maintained fireplace protect you against possible accidents, but it runs more efficiently as well, lowering your monthly energy bills.

Natural Flames and Simple Operation

Fireplace inserts are designed to resemble traditional wood-burning fireplaces but without mess or hassle. The faux wood design will look great in any home, no matter your design or tastes. The flames resemble wood-burning fireplaces as well to simulate a great, cozy environment without having to worry about tending the fire or cleaning it out after every use.

Speaking of not worrying about tending a fire, fire inserts are remarkably easy to use. Most of our inserts come with remotes as well. Starting a cozy fire in your fireplace is as easy as flipping a switch or pushing a button. And extinguishing it is just as simple. No longer do you have to sit around and wait for a fire to burn out before you can run errands or go to bed.

Contact Us Today!

The team at Bay Stoves has over 30 years of experience helping Edgewater homeowners make the most of their homes with beautiful, reliable fireplace solutions at affordable costs. Contact us or visit our showroom today to take a look around. We’ll help you find the right fireplace that fits your needs, style, budget, and home.