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Gas, Electric, & Wood Fireplaces in Edgewater, Annapolis & Bowie

How do gas fireplaces vent?

Most fireplaces are direct vented, meaning they have a fixed glass front and a vent to the outside behind them. This exhausts gas outside and away from your home. Some fireplaces are ventless, in which all of the exhaust air cycles back into your home. These fireplaces have filters and safety mechanisms in place to keep your family safe and cozy.

Can I install a fireplace, stove, or insert myself?

While you can, we strongly recommend having our professional installation technicians take care of the installation process for you. We’re factory-trained and understand strict national building codes and the units themselves.

Does the cost of the fireplace/stove/insert include everything I will need for the installation?

No. Some additional items may be required for your home. These can include piping, fronts, surrounds, connections, and installation services.

Are gas hearth products expensive to operate?

Every home’s situation will differ, depending on the model you purchased, your home’s size, and insulation. We can help you calculate your operation costs after getting to know your situation better.

Can gas hearth products burn either natural gas or LP gas?

You can choose to burn on one or the other. You can not burn on both. They are set up differently. We will help you choose the right product for you.

How often do I have to clean the gas fireplace and vent?

We recommend scheduling a qualified technician perform a routine check-up and maintenance check before each heating season. Schedule your maintenance service with us!

How do I convert my wood-burning fireplace that has a gas log set installed back to wood?

This is a bit of a complicated process. Our technicians would be happy to conduct this service for you!

How efficient is a wood-burning fireplace?

Most wood-burning fireplaces are more decorative than efficient. Modern gas, electric, and pellet fireplaces are significantly better at heating your home than traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Are electric fireplaces expensive to operate?

On average, it takes about two cents per hour to have the pilot light on and 22 cents with the flames and heating unit on. Your thermostat built into the electric fireplace will help monitor your home’s comfort and adjust accordingly, saving you on energy bills.

Are electric fireplaces safe?

Yes. All of our models are tested and guaranteed to be safe and meet all state and national standards. They burn clean – not putting fumes, moisture, or chemicals into your home.

How do I clean my gas logs?

You do not. Never wash your logs. Instead, remove your logs from the firebox, take them outside, and use a soft brush or vacuum. Replace the logs as they were to guarantee even, safe operation.

How do I size logs for my fireplace?

We will be more than happy to help you find the right size logs for your fireplace!

How many different models and looks of gas logs can I choose from?

At Bay Stoves, we have plenty of types of gas logs available to you. We can help you find the right model and size of gas log that meets your home, budget, and style.

What do I do if one of my gas logs breaks?

Contact us! We can help you replace your broken log. Do not attempt to use your fireplace until you receive your replacement log, as improperly placed or broken logs can cause sooting.

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